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Patient Stories

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  • Getting to the Root of the Problem with Mon Health | John’s Story

    Posted: 05/16/2024

    John Ellis has spent much of his adult life working in the power industry, which has involved lots of ladder climbing, spending time in ash or coal dust-filled spaces, and plenty of hard work. For many years, Ellis has experienced respiratory issues and would come down with bronchitis twice each year. Being a hard worker, he often pushed through his breathing issues. He visited a few healthcare providers that each gave him an inhaler and some steroids, which would ease his symptoms for about three weeks...

  • Adolescent Emergency Care at Mon Health Medical Center | Caitlyn’s Story

    Posted: 03/13/2024

    Fourteen year old Caitlyn is a student and a competitive cheerleader in Morgantown, West Virginia. She spends most of her time doing what she loves, cheerleading and competing in cheer competitions. As a hardworking athlete, she’s not unfamiliar with sport-related injuries or visits to the Emergency Department. One evening, Caitlyn, along with her parents, found themselves in Mon Health Medical Center’s Emergency Department because of Caitlyn’s injured ankle. In an unusually busy night for the hospital,...

  • Trusted Care from the Mon Health Medical Center Family Birth Center | The Flowers Family

    Posted: 02/06/2024

    Mon Health Medical Center’s  Family Birth Center  remains a trusted care provider for the Flowers family as they welcomed their third baby girl on Saturday, February 3. Baby Ivy Flowers was born weighing 8lbs 8oz and measuring 21 in. Welcomed by her mom Jessica Flowers and her dad John Flowers, Ivy is the third child of the Flowers family to be born at  Mon Health Medical Center  in Morgantown. “When we had our first daughter, we asked around to see where people recommended and we de...

  • Bravery and Strength Amid a Teenager’s Life-Changing Diagnosis | Zoe’s Story

    Posted: 12/05/2023

    At just 17 years old, Zoe was diagnosed with cancer. After experiencing some pelvic pain in early June, she knew she needed to get answers. After several tests, ultrasounds, and a biopsy, on June 16th, she was told that she had germ cell cancer in her ovaries. Zoe is from Keyser, West Virginia. When she was diagnosed, her mom, Holly, researched hospitals all throughout the region to treat her daughter. Ultimately, they decided to come to Mon Health Medical Center to be treated by Gynecologic Oncologist,...

  • Three Decades of Trusted Heart Care with Mon Health Heart & Vascular Center | Greg’s Story

    Posted: 11/13/2023

    After many visits to the Emergency Department, Greg Moody initially thought he had flu symptoms until he was informed that he was in congestive heart failure at the age of 37. Since then, he has trusted the teams at Mon Health Heart & Vascular Center to get him back to do the things he loves. Upon his diagnosis of congestive heart failure, Greg began seeing Dr. Morgan Lyons , Cardiologist at Mon Health Heart & Vascular Center . At first, Greg’s cardiology appointments were located in Morgantown,...

  • Cancer Care Coming Closer to Home in Kingwood | Tamara’s Story

    Posted: 10/24/2023

    When Tamara Farling received the devastating news that she had breast cancer, she decided to trust the teams at Mon Health Cancer Center to get her on the road to recovery. In May of 2022, Tamara had been experiencing months of extreme fatigue. She decided to be seen at the Mon Health Medical Center Emergency Department where she received extensive testing. When the results came back, it showed that she had breast cancer.  “I went to the ER because I thought I was sick from coming off a blood thinn...

  • Resilience Beyond Surgery; A Team Approach to Compassionate Breast Cancer Care | Samantha’s Story

    Posted: 10/11/2023

    For years, each October, Samantha Gerwig got her annual mammogram. In 2022, however, Samantha had to cancel her appointment. “October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I typically use that as my reminder to get my mammogram, but last year, something came up and I had to push back my appointment,” said Samantha. “After I had cancelled, I kept getting calls from Mon Health reminding me to reschedule, but it wasn’t until March that I had time for an appointment.” Samantha has been a patient at Mon Healt...

  • First Time Parents Trust Mon Health OBGYN to Save Mom & Baby’s Life | Kendra’s Story

    Posted: 09/19/2023

    Kendra Criss and her husband were excited to welcome their first-born baby into the world. When complications arose, the Mon Health Obstetrics and Gynecology team was there to step in to save her and her baby’s life.  Kendra and her husband initially sought treatment from another healthcare facility where they didn’t feel as comfortable as they would like with their care, especially after experiencing a miscarriage the year prior. After doing some research, they decided to begin seeing the provider...

  • Mon Health Urology Saves Lives with West Virginia’s First Ever Single Port Prostatectomy | Roy’s Story

    Posted: 08/31/2023

    As someone who was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, Roy Barnhart knew his abnormal prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels might mean he had cancer again. After countless physicians sent him home claiming there was nothing to worry about, he decided to trust his gut and see the team at Mon Health Urology. Roy was initially diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2009, which stemmed from a gallbladder attack where a mass was found on his kidney. Once his kidney was removed, his testing remained normal until around ...

  • A Life Free of Prostate Pain with Aquablation Therapy | Charles’ Story

    A Life Free of Prostate Pain with Aquablation Therapy | Charles’ Story

    Posted: 08/28/2023

    For over twenty years, Charles Chapman suffered through chronic prostate pain. Many long nights of restlessness with no hope of relief caused Charles to start his long search for answers. Charles lives in Ruffs Dale, Pennsylvania, about an hour outside of Pittsburgh. As his prostate pain got worse, he started traveling up to Pittsburgh to see some of the best specialists in the city. After many consultations, long drives, and several procedures, Charles started to lose hope. “I’ve had catheters placed a...