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  • Reduce Pain & Swelling with Lymphedema Therapy | Debbie’s Story

    Reduce Pain & Swelling with Lymphedema Therapy | Debbie’s Story

    Posted: 04/05/2023

    As a cancer survivor, Debbie Merrill endured many kinds of cancer treatments. As a result, she developed lymphedema and decided to trust the Lymphedema Management team at Mon Health Wound Care to reduce her swelling and pain to help her get back to doing the things she loves. Debbie’s cancer journey started in 2007, and she battled several types of cancers including uterine, kidney, and colon. After her cancer came back in 2014, she had genetic testing done where she learned that she has Lynch Syndrome, ...

  • Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital Provider Trusts Colleagues to Save Her Life

    Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital Provider Trusts Colleagues to Save Her Life

    Posted: 02/08/2023

    As a primary care physician, Dr. Larissa Fordyce-Richards provides care to the people of Weston and the surrounding area every day. When her throat started to close while seeing patients, she trusted her colleagues at Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital to save her life. Dr. Fordyce-Richards, Co-Medical Director of Mon Health Primary Care, started her day like any other on January 12. She decided to grab overnight oatmeal and eat between treating patients at Mon Health Stonewall Primary Care a...

  • First Time Mom Trusts Mon Health OBGYN | Jodi's Birth Story

    First Time Mom Trusts Mon Health OBGYN | Jodi's Birth Story

    Posted: 11/15/2022

    Jodi Richardson and her husband were excited to welcome their first baby into the world. When it came time for her to pick a provider for her pregnancy and birth, Jodi trusted the team at Mon Health Obstetrics and Gynecology.  “I appreciated the ‘small’ feel of the department, all of the wonderful postpartum resources provided, and the beautiful Family Birth Center where I would deliver. Not once did I second guess my decision,” she said. “Everyone truly cared about me and my baby, which is such a w...

  • Mom, Runner, Teacher, Survivor | Jackie’s Breast Cancer Journey

    Mom, Runner, Teacher, Survivor | Jackie’s Breast Cancer Journey

    Posted: 10/04/2022

    Jackie Hellyer is a mom of three, an avid runner, and a fourth-grade teacher. In 2022, she also became a breast cancer survivor. Jackie noticed a lump and scheduled a mammogram for July 5, 2021. Shortly after, she was informed by the team at Mon Health Cancer Center that she had HER2-positive, hormone-negative breast cancer. HER2 is a protein that helps cancer cells grow quickly, and these cancers tend to grow and spread faster than other breast cancers. “Hearing the words, ‘you have breast cancer’ is li...

  • Mon Health Urology - Minimally Invasive, Advanced Urology Treatments

    Posted: 07/11/2022

    Aaron Hawkins wasn’t overly alarmed when he began using the bathroom more frequently, especially at night. His primary care provider prescribed medication to help the issue, but after some time, he decided to research the UroLift procedure. During that research, he found Dr. Shakuri-Rad, Urologist and Robotic Surgeon at Mon Health . “Dr. Rad did some testing after my first appointment and found a tumor in my prostate which had extended into my bladder. Further testing revealed that it was a stage III can...

  • Steve Hedio Jr.

    WATCHMAN Procedure Provides Lifelong Alternative to Blood Thinners for Patients with AFib

    Posted: 05/24/2022

    According to the CDC, an estimated 2.7 to 6.1 million people in the United States have Atrial Fibrillation (AFib). Steve Hedio Jr. was among this statistic and relied on blood thinners for nearly ten years before the Mon Health Heart & Vascular Center identified him as a candidate for the WATCHMAN procedure. AFib is a cardiovascular disease that affects the heart’s ability to pump blood normally. Many patients with AFib are at risk for a stroke when blood clots form in a small pouch of the left atriu...

  • honoring organ, eye & tissue donors

    Mon Health Employee Provides the Gift of Life to Friend

    Posted: 03/02/2022

    When Mon Health employee Correna Smithburger learned an old friend needed a lifesaving kidney donation in 2012, her immediate response was, “I’ll do it.” After not seeing each other for 15 years, Correna and her old friend finally reconnected on Facebook. This is when Correna learned that she was very ill with kidney disease and unable to find a compatible kidney donor, necessitating years of dialysis. Correna decided then to get tested to see if she was compatible as a donor. “Each week, I would go for...

  • Mon Health Heart & Vascular Center - More than Complete Heart Care

    Posted: 02/15/2022

    After realizing she was having a heart attack, Elizabeth Frum told EMS to take her directly to the Mon Health Medical Center Emergency Department.  She went directly into surgery, with a team led by cardiologist Dr. Michael Englund and received two stents to relieve a blockage in an artery known as the widow-maker.  Through her rehabilitation and recovery, her care team provided close medical monitoring, follow-up treatment, personal coaching, and lifestyle counseling to get her safely back on ...

  • Cardiology Patient Finds Care She Needs at Mon Health Heart and Vascular Center

    Posted: 02/01/2022

      When Sandy Campbell began experiencing heart palpitations, she immediately knew that it could be a serious issue. After blockages in her heart were identified, she trusted the Mon Health Heart and Vascular team for her care.  Sandy described the feeling of her heart palpitations as her heart "flip flopping" in her chest. She made an appointment with her primary care provider who scheduled an EKG and bloodwork to find the cause of the palpitations. Sandy had lost both her father and grandmothe...

  • Surgical Patient Thankful for Mon Health Medical Center During Unexpected Hospital Stay

    Posted: 01/07/2022

    Mary Mazza Hendricks arrived at Mon Health Medical Center  for her hysterectomy expecting to be back home within a day. But medical complications turned into a three-day hospital stay.  "Apparently I have large blood vessels instead of small ones," Mary said, which required her physician, Dr. Susan Capelle, Mon Health Gynecologist , to take precautions that included two nights in the hospital.  "I was scared, which shouldn't be surprising, since anxiety is a constant in my psyche," said Ma...