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Birth Center Visiting Hours

Visiting hours during labor are 24/7. After delivery, postpartum visiting hours are 8 AM - 8 PM. In addition to the father/significant other of the baby/mother, and the brothers and sisters of the baby, only two (2) visitors can be present during labor, for a total of three (3) at the bedside. During postpartum visiting hours (8 AM - 8 PM) there may be a total of four (4) visitors at the patient's bedside including the father/support person. Visitation may be restricted by the OB staff, based on the patient’s condition or per the patient’s request. Individuals with any signs of illness should not visit. Children 12 and under, who are not siblings of the newborn will count toward the allotted number of visitors. One adult may stay overnight. Children in the room must be supervised by an adult, other than the patient, always. Children not supervised appropriately will be asked to go to the waiting room with the adult. Visitors are not limited to 3 to 4 per day, rotating is permitted as others leave the patient's room.

All visitors and support persons MUST present a photo ID which will be scanned at the FBC front desk. 

Our visitor policy is something that we are constantly evaluating to keep both our patients and staff as safe as possible, so it may change as things evolve in the Morgantown area. For that reason, we encourage you to call close to your due date for an update. The direct line for our Family Birthing Center is 304-598-1616.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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