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Ultrasound Prostate

Planning ahead:

  • This exam is normally done as a hospital inpatient in combination with an OR prostate biopsy, but is occasionally done on an outpatient basis.
  • If having this test as an outpatient, you must arrive at the hospital with a clean colon (lower rectum), which can be obtained by taking suppositories or enemas, as directed by your physician who ordered the exam.
  • If your ordering physician did not give you colon-cleansing instructions, ask him or her for instructions.
  • Arrive at the hospital 30 minutes before your exam is scheduled. (Ask the scheduler what time that is.)

Bring with you to the hospital:

  • Complete list of medications you are currently taking – name and dosage of each medication, and when you take it.
  • Written physician’s order for the exam.

On the day of your exam:

  • Come in through the main entrance of Mon Health Medical Center and go to the Radiology Services registration desk, down the hallway to the right of the lobby.
  • Plan to be at the hospital for approximately one hour and a half hours.

During your exam:

  • You will lie on your left side on a table, and the technologist will place a small probe into your rectum and images will be obtained.

After your exam:

  • To receive the results of your ultrasound, contact your physician who ordered the exam. Your technologist cannot give you any results.

For more information, call the Mon Health Ultrasound Department at (304) 598-1280.

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