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Safety Measures in the Hospital

Bed controls and safety

Ask your nurse how to use the bed controls. Never try to lower the bed's side rails or climb over them. Keep your top two side rails up at all times. Ask for help to get out of bed and wear slippers or shoes with non-skid soles. Never use a bedside table or over bed stand for support; they may move. Be very careful in the bathroom; move slowly and use the grab bar. Don't hesitate to call for help. Falls are the most common source of patient injuries, especially falls from or near the bed. Your physician will order activity based on your condition. Please check with your nurse before getting out of bed or sitting. Use your nurse call button to get help. 

Dentures and eyeglasses

Dentures and eyeglasses should be stored in the drawer of your bedside table. You are responsible for any personal items you bring to the hospital. 

Fire drills

Don't become overly concerned when you hear the sound of a fire drill alarm. Stay where you are unless instructed otherwise by hospital personnel. Fire drills are routinely conducted on all three shifts. 


Mon Health Medical Center is a non-smoking facility. Visitors and patients are not permitted to smoke or use tobacco products within the hospital or on hospital grounds. This policy covers all tobacco products including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, all forms of smokeless tobacco products, and all non-tobacco chew products. This policy also covers the use of electronic cigarettes, otherwise known as e- cigarettes.

Personal electronic appliances

Hospital safety regulations prohibit the use of your own television or video games in the hospital. Hospital personnel must perform electrical safety tests on any appliances you bring from home before you use them at Mon Health Medical Center. Please ask your nurse to call Facilities Management to check your personal appliances.  

Prescription drugs and herbal supplements

If you were taking prescription drugs before your hospitalization and brought them with you, please show them to your nurse so he/she can record the information, and tell the doctor about your current prescriptions. Send your medications home with your family or friends after the nurse has reviewed them with you. Your physician will order the medications you need in the hospital, and our staff will give them to you. 

If you have been taking any herbal products or dietary supplements, they may interact with medications your doctor may prescribe while you are in the hospital and when you go home. Let your physician and nurse know of any products you were taking at home. 
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