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Medical Nutrition Therapy

Does having a chronic illness mean you have to give up all the tasty things you love to eat or drink? Not necessarily, but eating well is important in preventing or managing many diseases.

To help you get and stay as healthy as possible, Mon Health Medical Center offers Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT), a specialized program in which a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) helps you design a healthy eating plan that will work for you and your medical condition.

You must have a referral from a healthcare provider to receive Medical Nutrition Therapy. 

Provided by registered dietitians

The registered dietitians who provide MNT are graduates of an accredited four-year program and are licensed in West Virginia. Even more importantly, they are committed to helping you be as healthy as possible while still enjoying delicious, nutritious foods. They can teach you everything from how to choose the best cereal to where to find recipes that will fit your healthy eating plan.

What to expect

When you are referred for Medical Nutrition Therapy, you will meet with one of our dietitians to discuss the nutrition recommendations for your condition, as well as your particular needs, limitations, and preferences. The RDN will provide recommendations that are shown to be effective and safe in treating your condition, will work with you to develop goals, and will provide support to help you reach those goals.

Insurance and Medicare

Medicare and many insurance policies cover MNT. The Diabetes Learning Center can work with you and your insurance company to determine if this is a covered service for your condition prior to your visit.


All outpatient Medical Nutrition Therapy sessions are held in the Ruby McQuain Conference Center at Mon Health Medical Center.

For more information:

Denise Giroux, RD
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