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Adolescent Emergency Care at Mon Health Medical Center | Caitlyn’s Story

Posted Date: 03/13/2024
Fourteen year old Caitlyn is a student and a competitive cheerleader in Morgantown, West Virginia. She spends most of her time doing what she loves, cheerleading and competing in cheer competitions. As a hardworking athlete, she’s not unfamiliar with sport-related injuries or visits to the Emergency Department.

One evening, Caitlyn, along with her parents, found themselves in Mon Health Medical Center’s Emergency Department because of Caitlyn’s injured ankle. In an unusually busy night for the hospital, Caitlyn thought she’d be in for a long night, but the Mon Health Medical Center staff stepped up to the plate to provide her with outstanding, timely care.

“All of the staff in the Emergency Department were so kind to me, and no one seemed to be in a bad mood, though they clearly had been dealing with many emergency patients,” said Caitlyn. “I felt really comfortable there.”

Caitlyn was taken back to be seen by the providers. She needed to get imaging done of her ankle to assess her injury and she had to be by herself, which could make any 14-year-old nervous, but Caitlyn wasn’t scared.

“When she came back from imaging, she was laughing and smiling. She said the imaging tech made sure that she wasn’t in pain while getting each scan and assured her throughout the process that she would be taken care of,” said Natalie, Caitlyn’s mom. “The tech’s kindness made her feel more comfortable and assured me that this is where I should have taken my daughter that night.”

After reviewing her scans, Dr. Nick Zervos, an Orthopedist on the Mon Health Medical Center Med Staff, gave her an ankle brace and instructions for recovery.

“Caitlyn is an athlete who’s always on the move,” said Natalie. “Dr. Zervos knows just how dedicated athletes are and always does what he can to get them back to their sport as soon as possible.”

Just a few weeks after her visit to the Emergency Department at Mon Health Medical Center, Caitlyn is back to cheering competitively, while wearing her ankle brace.

“I’m glad I went to Mon Health because I feel comfortable there. They don’t talk down to me and really care about me as the patient,” said Caitlyn.