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GI Bleeding Scan

Planning ahead:

  • You may not have barium within 48 hours before this exam.
  • Arrive at the hospital 30 minutes before your exam is scheduled. Ask the scheduler what time that is.

Bring with you when you come for your test:

  • Complete list of medications you are currently taking – name and dosage of each medication, and when you take it.
  • Written physician’s order for the test.

On the day of the test:

  • Come in through the main entrance of Mon Health Medical Center and to the Radiology Services registration desk, down the hallway to the right.

During the exam:

  • You will have an IV started and have an injection in it. Then you will lie on a table for imaging.
  • After the first set of images is obtained, you may need to return for additional images over the next four to 24 hours. Additional images will be needed at specific times.
  • You may eat, drink, or leave the hospital between imaging periods, as long as you return at the required times.

Or call the Mon Health Nuclear Medicine Department at (304) 598-1280.

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