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Zelda Stein Weiss Cancer Awareness and Early Detection Project

Zelda Stein Weiss dedicated more than a half century of volunteer service and philanthropy to Mon Health. She was an original member of the Mon Health Auxiliary which was formed in 1944 and served on the Mon Health Foundation Board of Directors from its beginning in 1976 until her death at age 95 in 2012. A cancer survivor herself, Zelda dedicated much of her life as an advocate for early detection and affordable community cancer screenings. To recognize her efforts, Mon Health’s cancer center was named in her honor in 2011.

The Mon Health Zelda Stein Weiss Cancer Awareness and Early Detection Project was started in October 1992. It was funded by Zelda’s sisters who made a generous donation to The Foundation of Mon Health to create the Cancer Awareness and Early Detection Project in her honor.

Since its inception, the program has provided low cost cancer screenings and cancer information to the residents of Morgantown and the surrounding region, including Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screenings and skin cancer screenings. The project also established two informational cancer kiosks in the Mon Health Lobby, which allow visitors to the hospital to look up health information on the Internet.

Lung Cancer Screening Program

With lung cancer continuing to be the number one cause of cancer related deaths in the United States, Mon Health’s Lung Cancer Screening Program is a new approach to diagnose and treat the disease in its early stages. The screening program uses a low-dose CT scan of the patient’s lungs to screen for cancer. With early detection, 85 percent of lung cancers can be found in their earliest, most curable stages.

To be eligible for a low-dose CT lung cancer screening at Mon Health, participants must meet certain criteria. Typically smokers, or people who stopped smoking 15 years ago or less, will qualify for the test. The initial cost of the program is $95. This includes a low-dose CT scan, a one-on-one follow-up with the program’s Nurse Navigator and a smoking cessation program.

Smokers and past smokers are encouraged to talk to their doctor about the low-dose CT scan or call Heather Colebank, RN, the Lung Cancer Screening Program Nurse Navigator, at (304) 285-3500. Your physician or the nurse navigator can analyze your smoking history to determine if your risk is high enough to participate in the screening. To learn more, Read More....

Multiphasic Blood Analysis

Mon Health offers the Multiphasic Blood Analysis several times throughout the year. Typically this screening is available at Mon Health’s HealthFair, held annually the last Friday and Saturday in February at Morgantown Mall. The multiphasic is also offered in conjunction with area Rotary Clubs in the spring and fall. The Multiphasic Blood Analysis consists of a variety of blood tests including a complete blood count, chemistry panel and lipid (cholesterol) profile. Many of these tests could be an indication of cancer or other disorders. A Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test can be added to screen for prostate cancer or an enlarged or inflamed prostate in men. To find upcoming Multiphasic Blood Analysis events, check the Mon Health Event Calendar at mongeneral.com.

Skin Cancer

Every May, during Skin Cancer Awareness Month, the Mon Health Zelda Stein Weiss Cancer Awareness & Early Detection Project offers free skin cancer screenings at participating physician offices. Skin cancer screenings are also typically offered at the hospital’s annual HealthFair. Watch the local newspaper and the Mon Health Event Calendar or upcoming screenings.

Colon Cancer

National guidelines recommend a colorectal cancer screening starting at age 50 for most, younger for higher risk patients. This procedure, performed in Mon Health's Endoscopy Center, allows the surgeon to directly view the entire length of the colon with the use of a colonoscope. This is done under sedation. A biopsy can be taken through this scope if necessary. Most colon polyps can also be removed with this procedure.

Women’s Imaging

The Women's Imaging Center of Mon Health Medical Center is a dedicated outpatient imaging facility. Located on the second floor of Mon Health Medical Center, just off the main lobby, the center provides outpatient diagnostic testing and minimally invasive procedures, including digital diagnostic and digital screening mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy, bone densitometry exams (DEXA), and breast ultrasound exams - all with the latest equipment and technology. The center is equipped with the Fischer-Giotto digital breast imaging system for both mammograms and breast biopsy. This system provides the highest-possible digital mammography images, making it much easier to detect abnormalities at the earliest stages. Mon Health is one of only five hospitals in the nation to offer the Fischer-Giotto system for both mammograms and breast biopsy.

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