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Mon Health Urology Saves Lives with West Virginia’s First Ever Single Port Prostatectomy | Roy’s Story

Posted Date: 08/31/2023
As someone who was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, Roy Barnhart knew his abnormal prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels might mean he had cancer again. After countless physicians sent him home claiming there was nothing to worry about, he decided to trust his gut and see the team at Mon Health Urology.

Roy was initially diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2009, which stemmed from a gallbladder attack where a mass was found on his kidney. Once his kidney was removed, his testing remained normal until around 2020 when his PSA levels started rising. 

“I got an MRI in 2021 to check for cancer where they told me I was fine. When the numbers kept going up, they sent me home again in 2022,” said Roy. “That’s when I asked for a referral to see Dr. Battin and he got me the testing I needed to see if my cancer had spread.” 

Unlike the doctors at previous hospitals, Dr. John Battin, Urologist at Mon Health, decided more testing needed to be done. His team performed a biopsy that identified that Roy did in fact have prostate cancer. When presented with his options to treat the cancer, Roy decided to move forward with surgery.

“When I told Dr. Battin I wanted surgery to remove the cancer, he walked down the hall and grabbed Dr. Shakuri-Rad. He brought him in the office to talk to me about my surgery options,” he said. “It was amazing that I was able to see two doctors in one day without having to make another appointment.”

Roy and Dr. Jaschar Shakuri-Rad, Urologist and Master Robotic Surgeon at Mon Health System, decided that the best fit for Roy’s case was to do the very first single port prostatectomy in West Virginia using the da Vinci Single Port (SP) system by Intuitive. The single port procedure is a robotic-assisted surgery that uses one single incision, which reduces the impact on patient outcomes with a quicker healing time.

“You couldn’t ask for better nurses and doctors, they made me feel so comfortable,” Roy said. They kept reminding me that I was in good hands and shouldn’t worry. I have never seen a more competent, caring group of people in the same place.”

Because of the Meds-to-Beds Program at Mon Health Medical Center, Roy’s prescriptions were delivered directly to his room before he left the hospital so he didn’t have to stop at the pharmacy after his procedure and could focus on his recovery. Roy was back home by dinner the same day of his surgery.

After further testing during his recovery, Dr. Shakuri-Rad found that there was no indication of cancer left in Roy’s body, and that there is no need for more treatment.

“I couldn’t be happier with the way things have gone. I had a friend whose doctors were relying on MRI for results and after I told them my experience, he demanded a biopsy and found out he had cancer at a high stage. Dr. Battin’s careful approach saves lives.” 

Urology patients turn to Mon Health Urology for care, not only because of clinical excellence, but also because the team of urologists, specialists, and staff understand what’s important to patients: personalized care, open communication, access to advanced diagnostics, treatments, and positive outcomes. Offices are located in Morgantown, Kingwood, and Weston for a wide range of treatments and procedures. 

Roy grew up in Waynesburg, PA and has lived there his entire life with his wife, Diane. He and his wife share three children and seven grandchildren together. For most of his career, he worked for Waynesburg University and retired in 2013. In his free time, Roy enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. 

“I feel very privileged to have been able to be the first patient in West Virginia to receive a single port prostatectomy because it did everything that Dr. Shakuri-Rad said it would do; I had a rapid recovery. Dr. Shakuri-Rad is a very kind, gracious, and knowledgeable man, and I thank him and all of Mon Health for making this difficult time much easier.” 

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