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Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital Provider Trusts Colleagues to Save Her Life

Posted Date: 02/08/2023
Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital Provider Trusts Colleagues to Save Her Life

Dr. Fordyce-Richards and her husband, Michael Richards.

As a primary care physician, Dr. Larissa Fordyce-Richards provides care to the people of Weston and the surrounding area every day. When her throat started to close while seeing patients, she trusted her colleagues at Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital to save her life.

Dr. Fordyce-Richards, Co-Medical Director of Mon Health Primary Care, started her day like any other on January 12. She decided to grab overnight oatmeal and eat between treating patients at Mon Health Stonewall Primary Care at Market Place Mall.

“I have never been allergic to anything, but I could feel my throat start closing up. I had just enough time to scream for help,” she said. “Rachel Hefner, NP, and our office manager acted quickly and administered a shot of epinephrine and Benadryl.”  

After the shot of epinephrine, Teirra Harris, Registration Representative, switched all of Dr. Fordyce-Richard’s patients to Hefner so they didn’t have to be rescheduled. While they waited to see if her symptoms would subside, her throat started closing again. They decided to call an ambulance to take her to Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Room.

“On our way to the hospital, my heart rate shot up and we had to turn the sirens on and speed through the town of Weston. They radioed ahead for staff to meet us at the door while my husband followed close behind,” she said.

Dr. Fordyce-Richards was treated by Dr. Tyler Hall where her heart rate continued to fluctuate. She received a full cardiac workup and more medications. Once the swelling in her throat went down and she was cleared by the staff, she was discharged from the Emergency Room the same day.

“I received excellent care, from the EMS, doctors, and nurses to my colleagues working to cover my patients. The staff at Stonewall saved my life that day,” she said.

Dr. Fordyce-Richards has made a full recovery and awaits the results of her allergy test to find out the source of her anaphylaxis. She is back to treating the patients of Weston for their primary care services and spending time with her husband and two sons.

“Even as a patient, there is such a family feel whenever you’re at a Mon Health location, whether it’s in Morgantown, Kingwood, White Hall, Weston, or beyond.”

At Mon Health System, receive care you can trust from neighbors you know. That’s the Mon Health Difference.