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Wage and Employment Verification

Mon Health has partnered with i2Verify as a new service to execute employment and wage verification requests of former and current employees. i2Verify automates the verification process by instantly and securely delivering employment information that requestors such as banks or government agencies rely on to make credit granting or benefit entitlement decisions. Clients of i2Verify include lenders, property managers, pre-employment screeners, and social service agencies. Utilizing i2Verify for employment and wage verification will benefit Mon Health employees and departments in multiple ways.

It is important to note that the Office of Information Technology (OIT) has reviewed the data elements and business processes to ensure that i2Verify will safeguard sensitive data. i2Verify is PCI compliant and has the necessary measures in place to safely store and protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII). 

Registering for i2Verify

Please follow the instructions on obtaining wage and/or employment verification by clicking here or reading below.

1. From your internet browser, go to https://i2verify.com
2. From the Employees page, click Create an Account. 
3. Select "I need to create a new i2Verify.com account."
4. To describe the purpose of the account you are creating, answer the question: "Which of these applies to you?" 
If you are a current of former employee, your answer should be "I am a current or former employee of a company that uses your system."
5. Enter your email address and create your password. We recommend using your personal email address. 
6. Next, enter your phone, social security number, and date of birth. The social and date of birth must match what is in your pay records. 
7. As an added layer of security, we use a two-factor code. Please select the means you would like to receive your two-factor code on and then enter this code into the submission form. 
8. To verify that you wish to create an i2Verify account, you will receive a confirmation email. Please click on the link in the email to verify and create your account. 
9. Once you validate the code, your account will be created. 

Using i2Verify

1. When you log into i2Verify, you will first be asked to submit your email and password. 
2. Once you have successfully submit those items, you will also receive an email with a 2-factor authentication code that you need to submit within 15 minutes. 
3. Once you have successfully logged in, you will have several options. These include:
  • Employee Verification Report/Letter: From here, you can instantly obtain an Employment Verification Report or an Employment Verification Letter. 
  • Restrict Access to My Data: Permission keys allow you to add an additional level of security to the employment verification process. If you activate the option to require permission keys, all non-government verifiers will require your permission prior to being granted access to your data. This permission comes in the form of a permission key that only you can generate.
  • Verification History: Allows you to see previously generated reports. 
  • Block (or Unblock) Access to My Data: Allows you to block any Non-Government entity from viewing your data.

If you have issues accessing or navigating the i2verify webpage, please contact info@i2verify.com.
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