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Mon Health System Will File for CON to Build Small Format Hospital in Fairmont Region

Posted Date: 3/10/2020

As part of its ongoing commitment to ensure easy access and choice in community healthcare, Mon Health System has formed the Mon Health Marion Neighborhood Hospital, Inc., and today it filed a letter of intent to seek a certificate of need from the state to build a small format hospital in the Fairmont Region.

Small format hospitals are accredited by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to offer hospital-based services that include inpatient and outpatient medical beds, diagnostic imaging and lab services, and full-service emergency services – just on a smaller scale than larger hospitals.

Mon Health’s proposed project will be the first in the state and it embraces the importance of scalable rural healthcare investment that is much needed in West Virginia. A number of states, like neighboring Pennsylvania, already have small format hospitals that promote improved and close-to-home healthcare.

“This is a perfect solution for the Fairmont region and its surrounding communities in the wake of the recent announcement by owners to close the existing hospital,” said David Goldberg, President and CEO of Mon Health System. “Mon Health already owns property in the Fairmont community that is sufficient to support a small format hospital. We are looking forward to bringing the high quality, cost efficiency and caring environment that Mon Health is known for to the Fairmont region.”

Goldberg said that Mon Health has been in ongoing discussions to identify solutions for the Fairmont region with Gov. Jim Justice, federal and state legislators, and other healthcare operators. “We applaud Governor Justice’s vision and direction to sustain hospital related services and jobs for the residents of Greater Fairmont.  Mon Health is a dedicated provider of care across our region and with this approach will continue to keep our promises to be a provider of care to those in need in our neighborhoods. We thank our state and federal delegation for their support.”

 “Allegheny Health Network (AHN) has successfully brought this concept to communities in the greater Pittsburgh area, as the closest example of affordable facilities that bend the cost curve downward and still deliver the highest quality and services. This small format hospital is perfect for West Virginia families,” Goldberg said. “As north central West Virginia’s premier community hospital system, this concept will advance our steadfast commitment to improve access closest to home for local communities – like we have done in Elkins, Jane Lew, Kingwood, Buckhannon, Grafton City and with expansion of our recently announced expanded ambulatory services in Fairmont.”

Ron Stovash, chairman of the Mon Health System Board of Directors, said health system leadership is excited to be bringing this new community hospital care model to West Virginia, and particularly for those citizens in the north central part of the state.

“Our commitment as a community hospital system is to expand access and improve the choice that people have where they can receive the best care for themselves and their families,” Stovash said. “Accessibility close to home is a key component of quality care and Mon Health and its locally based board of community volunteers are pleased to bring this innovation to our state.”

The state must review and approve Mon Health’s certificate of need to allow the planned hospital development to proceed.

“We have been working directly with state and federal officials on solutions for the Fairmont community and we have every reason to believe that our project will be welcomed as part of the overall solution,” Goldberg said. “We want to be a part of any solution to preserve access to care for the citizens of the Fairmont region.”

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