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Mon Health Partners with Local Organizations to Introduce Workforce Development Program

Posted Date: 2/22/2022
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The Mon Pathways for Success Application Workshop was held on February 10, 2022. Another Application Workshop will be held on February 24 from 2 - 4 PM near the entrance of the Salvation Army wing at Hazel's House of Hope.

Mon Health Medical Center (MHMC) in partnership with United Way of Mon and Preston Counties, agencies located at Hazel’s House of Hope, and other local organizations, have started a workforce development program to break down barriers and empower systemic change in our community.

Funded through the Hazel Ruby McQuain Charitable Trust, Mon Pathways to Success is a program designed to provide adults with employment and growth opportunities, program benefits, support, and assistance, but most importantly, job and life sustainability.

Re-entering the workforce or entering for the first time can pose many challenges, including past education, document requirements, transportation, experience, and more. Mon Pathways to Success aims to break down these barriers and stereotypes. Through the delivery of monthly professional development workshops, career counseling, mentorship, and experiential education, this program strives to provide a transparent, sustainable, and comprehensive way to empower individuals with housing barriers, living in recovery, or those who have barriers to employment.

The six-month Pilot Program, starting in mid-March, will bring 20 jobs to MHMC in Morgantown, WV. Individuals selected will be filling roles in Housekeeping and Environmental Services, Guest and Customer Services, Registration, Nutrition and Food Service, and Transporters, with ability to grow to other careers paths. The Mon Health Human Resources Talent Team has been vital in providing application assistance, answering questions, and setting the soon-to-be employees up for success.

“Our Talent Team will help obtain social security cards, birth certificates, or other important documents when applicable as it is our duty to help individuals as best as we can in pursuing their personal growth,” said Lotoya Henry-Ojugbana, Director of Talent Acquisition at Mon Health.

A graduation ceremony will be held once the cohort’s six months are completed to congratulate the individuals on their hard work. Proceeding graduation, the employee will then become eligible to apply for funding to further their education, help obtain housing, or extra financial assistance through a fund set up by the MHMC Foundation, similar to the already established Colleague Support Fund.

“We are so excited to not only assist people in getting started in their career, but also, celebrate them throughout their journey of employment and beyond,” said Paulina Nottingham, Development Specialist at the MHMC Foundation.

An application workshop for Mon Pathways for Success will be held on February 24, 2022, from 2:00 – 4:00 PM near the entrance of the Salvation Army wing at Hazel’s House of Hope. To learn more and apply today, visit MonHealth.com/main/mon-pathways-to-success.
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