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Mon Health Medical Center Is the First in West Virginia to Offer the Optilume BPH Catheter System

Posted Date: 5/15/2024
Mon Health Medical Center is the first hospital in West Virginia to offer patients the Optilume® BPH Catheter System for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Dr. Jaschar Shakuri-Rad, Urologist, Medical Director of Robotic Surgery, Medical Director of Medical Specialties, and Master Robotic Surgeon, successfully performed the first procedure in the state on Tuesday, May 14.

Typically administered as an outpatient procedure, Optilume BPH is a new, safe, and effective minimally invasive procedure that provides patients with immediate improvement in urinary symptoms and quality of life. 

As men age, it’s common to encounter prostate enlargement, leading to a condition known as BPH. In fact, BPH affects 70% of men 60-69 years of age and 80% of those 70 years of age or older. The prostate surrounds the tube responsible for transporting urine and semen, known as the urethra. With BPH, as the prostate grows larger, it exerts pressure on the urethra, potentially causing interruptions in the natural flow of urine. 

“At Mon Health Urology, we are committed to bringing the most advanced urological treatments to West Virginia, ensuring our patients have access to cutting-edge options. With the introduction of the Optilume procedure for BPH, we continue to lead the way in advanced treatments, backed by a team of highly skilled surgeons,” said Dr. Shakuri-Rad. Our dedication to leading in this space with another 'first' in the state underscores our commitment to delivering superior care tailored to each patient's needs. As patients, we all hope to have access to the most advanced options, provided by the most skilled physicians. At Mon Health, that's exactly what we deliver.”

The FDA-approved Optilume BPH Catheter System revolutionizes the treatment paradigm by providing immediate and durable symptom relief for men experiencing BPH induced lower urinary tract symptoms, including frequent trips to the bathroom, day and night; weak, slow or intermittent flow; urgent need to pee; and inability to fully empty bladder. 

Optilume BPH is a drug-coated balloon that is inserted into the urethra via a telescopic camera, to the prostate. Once in the prostate, the balloon expands creating an opening, and releases the safe and proven drug paclitaxel, into the open prostate. When the drug coating is fully released, the balloon is deflated and removed. The drug prevents re-fusion of the lobes during healing, keeping the prostate open, restoring the flow of urine and relieving bothersome BPH symptoms.

“At Mon Health, we strive for excellence and are always working to ensure that we provide the most clinically advanced, evidence-based care,” David Goldberg, President and CEO of Mon Health System and Executive Vice President of Vandalia Health. “We will continue to implement new technology that is proven to improve patient outcomes and expand the scope of our care to best meet the needs of our patients. We are proud to be a leader in healthcare and choice provider for so many in the state.”

For more information about Optilume BPH, visit Optilume.com/BPH.

For more information about Mon Health Urology, visit MonHealth.com/Urology.

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