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Mon General Hospital Gastroenterology Initiates Liver Clinic

Posted Date: 6/29/2016
Mon General Hospital Gastroenterology Interventional Endoscopist Faisal A. Bukeirat, MD, is dedicated to addressing the area’s liver disease epidemic by initiating a liver clinic Thursday afternoons.

Dr. Bukeirat, MD, treats liver patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, Hepatitis (unspecified), Hepatitis A, B and C and hepatic encephalopathy.

“The number of people with hepatitis C, fatty liver and liver cancer is constantly increasing,” Dr. Bukeirat said. “The increase is due to drug and alcohol use and obesity – which are all serious problems in West Virginia and the surrounding areas.”

Dr. Bukeirat will focus on healing the patient – not just treating the symptoms. Whether treatment is through new medications available to cure a patient of hepatitis C or through helping the patient develop a diet and exercise plan, Dr. Bukeirat will assess each individual’s health history, most recent blood tests and develop a plan that is best suited for the patient.

“With treatment, many liver diseases can be managed and sometimes even reversed,” Bukeirat said. “This reduces a patient’s risk for liver cancer and helps the patient maintain or enhance his or her quality of life.”

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