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Brachytherapy Provides Quicker Recovery for Cancer Patients at Mon Health Medical Center

Posted Date: 3/28/2022
Mon Health Medical Center is delivering the best in healthcare options for its cancer patients with the recent addition of Bravos Brachytherapy for some cervical and endometrial cancers. Dr. J. Frederick Littles, Radiation Oncologist at Mon Health Cancer Center, is the provider for the procedure.

“Bringing this weapon to the Mon Health Cancer Center team is evidence of our commitment to maximize our services to this very supportive community,” said Dr. Littles. “This will provide patients with quicker recovery times and allow them to receive cancer care close to home.”

Unlike other radiation therapies which entail giving radiation doses from a machine outside the body, Brachytherapy is known as an internal radiation therapy. It is a more precise therapy that treats the cancer by placing radioactive sources directly into or near a tumor with the goal of killing the cancer cells and destroying the tumor. It is a common treatment for cervical and endometrial cancers. There are three main techniques used to administer it, and Mon Health Medical Center will be utilizing the High-Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy.

There are several benefits to Brachytherapy, including the ability to provide high dose radiation treatment to the tumor without affecting the surrounding tissue which is healthy. With this therapy, there may be fewer treatments needed and the patient’s recovery can be quicker. The treatment is normally only ten to fifteen minutes long and a patient can receive it as an outpatient, meaning they can go home immediately following treatment.

“We are happy to be able to provide this therapy so that our patients can have their management in one place without necessitating a drive to another facility. Making treatment easier and more comfortable for our patients is extremely important to us,” said Regan Siko, Director of the Oncology Service Line at Mon Health System.

To learn more about the Mon Health Cancer Center, visit MonHealth.com/Cancer.

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