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Junior Scholarship

The Mon Health Medical Center Auxiliary established the annual scholarship in 1975 to help encourage Junior Volunteers to pursue careers in healthcare.

The scholarship amount is reviewed annually. 


1. Candidate must be a Junior Volunteer and a high school senior. 
2. Candidate must contribute a minimum of 100 hours of volunteer service at Mon Health Medical Center. 
3. Candidate must pursue a career in the health field. 
4. The scholarship is paid directly to the recipient after the student has been accepted to an accredited program. This scholarship shall not exceed $2,000 and be paid to the award recipient directly at High School Awards Ceremony.
5. The scholarship is in effect for the following high school graduation. 

Selection Process:

1. A committee, appointed by the Auxiliary President, shall select the scholarship recipient after reviewing the applications. 
2. The committee shall be composed of the following: 
    a) The Hospital Administrator or  representative
    b) The Auxiliary President
    c) Health Education Chair
    d) One member of the Auxiliary
3. Judging shall be done on the basis of grades, personal letter and letters of recommendation.

Mail application to:

Auxiliary Junior Volunteer Scholarship
Mon Health Medical Center

1200 J.D. Anderson Drive
Morgantown, WV 26505

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