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Mon Health Equipment and Supplies Donates Scrubs for Patients at Mon Health Locations

Posted Date: 2/22/2021

Mon Health Equipment and Supplies at Stonewall, located in Weston, has donated scrubs for patients at several Mon Health locations including Mon Health Medical Center (MHMC), Mon Health Preston Memorial Hospital (PMH), Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital (SJMH), and Grafton City Hospital. 

"There are times that a patient arrives via ambulance in clothes that are soaking wet or very little clothes at all. We will not discharge them in wet clothes, and we do our best to provide adequate clothing to wear home. There are also times that an injury forces us to cut off clothes. If this is the case, we would have to provide clothing if they are being discharged," said Jaime Moore, Emergency Department RN at MHMC. 

The donation from Mon Health Equipment and Supplies includes shirts, pants, jackets, and several lab coats for patients to use in the event their clothing is unusable, either on arrival or during their stay. 

"While revamping the retail space in our Weston office, we recognized that we had an extraordinary amount of scrubs no longer in use. When I mentioned this to David Goldberg, President and CEO of Mon Health, he asked if we would be willing to donate them to Mon Health patients needing clean clothing," Jeanette Lancaster, Executive Director of Mon Health Equipment and Supplies said. "We took action immediately. Everyone deserves to maintain their dignity and have the opportunity to wear clean clothes home from the hospital. I am so glad David brought this to my attention and that we were in a position to help out and serve our community in a completely different manner."

Some examples of patients who may benefit from this donation include:
  • ED trauma patients
  • Patients with broken bones whose clothing is cut off for casting
  • Patients that arrive with no clothing or dirty clothing
  • Patients whose clothing gets soiled by blood or other bodily fluids
  • Patients who have suffered a traumatic or violent event whose clothing is submitted as evidence to law enforcement
  • Children that arrive after CPS removal that need clothing

"Typically if we get a patient and their current state of clothing isn't in the best of conditions because of being severely dirty, malodorous, or covered in holes/rips, we ask if they don't mind if we give them something a little different to wear and most of the time they are appreciative," said Cecilia Liston, BSN, RN, Case Manager at PMH. "Having scrubs on hand will be awesome for these patients."

MHMC will receive 144 pieces of clothing, and 72 pieces will go to PMH, SJMH, and Grafton City Hospital, for a total of 359 clothing items for patients at a total value of $4,600. 
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