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Diagnostic Imaging - Now Offering 3D Mammograms!

Using the latest digital technology, we provide shorter wait times, more accurate readings, and faster transfer of your medical records to other facilities.

At Mon Health Preston Memorial Hospital, Diagnostic Imaging offers a variety of procedures, including: Diagnostic Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, CT, Bone Density Testing, 3D Mammography, C-Arm Surgical Procedures, and MRI. These procedures are offered as both outpatient and inpatient studies. Many of our technologists are specialized in more than one modality, allowing us to provide more studies, more often.

Diagnostic Imaging procedures provide physicians with highly detailed, multi-angled views of the body to aid in diagnosing, treating, and monitoring many health conditions or diseases. Most procedures are minimally invasive or noninvasive, and are completed within a short amount of time. Images are reviewed by certified radiologists who then report their findings to the ordering physicians. All of our images are transmitted digitally to the radiologists, allowing a much more expedient turn-around time. This means faster diagnosis and faster treatment for you.

The Diagnostic Imaging Department is staffed 24 hours per day, seven days per week. If you have any questions about the services we offer, or if you need to make an appointment, please call the department at 304-329-4713.

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