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Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Physical Therapy allows patient to perform specific exercises in a therapeutic environment of water that remains at 88-92°. The water allows patients to move more freely, without the pain or resistance of land-based exercise.  Aquatic therapy creates a freer range of motion and provides support to patients' joints. Aquatic therapy benefits pediatric and geriatric patients alike, as well as individuals with orthopedic injuries or weight bearing restrictions. Our Kingwood pool location offers a hydraulic lift chair for individuals who have difficulty negotiating stairs. All aquatic therapy is supervised and instructed by a licensed Physical Therapist or PT Aide with aquatic training.

Our Aquatic Therapy Pool is also a Silver and Fit Site.

Arthritis Relief Classes

We offer classes to the community for arthritis relief. These classes are on a first-come, first-serve basis, so hurry and sign-up! Classes are $6/each or $25/month.

Arthritis Classes:                   

Monday - Thursdays:
8 am - 9 am
3 pm - 4 pm
4 pm - 5 pm

Contact information:

Jody Varda, Physical Therapy Director

To schedule an appointment or class:

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