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Mon Health System & Intermed Labs Awarded Benedum Foundation Grant to Provide Finger Prosthetics to West Virginians

Posted Date: 3/27/2023
Mon Health System & Intermed Labs Awarded Benedum Foundation Grant to Provide Finger Prosthetics to West Virginians

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Mon Health System and Intermed Labs at Mon Health have been awarded a grant of $100,000 from the Benedum Foundation to provide cutting-edge, AI-based finger prosthetics from Fingy3D to the people of West Virginia.

The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation serves WV and southwestern PA to encourage human development through strategically placed charitable resources. Grants are made to support specific initiatives in education, economic development, health and human services, and community development.

Fingy3D is a custom, 3D printed finger prosthetic that utilizes artificial intelligence to ensure a perfect fit for every individual. The revolutionary product aims to improve access, cost, and function for patients who have experienced a finger or partial hand loss. It’s unique design and construction process allows for a level of comfort and functionality previously unseen in the field of prosthetics.

Funding from the Benedum Foundation will assist with equipment costs, such as a 3D printer, educational materials, outreach efforts, prosthetic assistance, and staffing directly related to the Fingy3D project.

“The partnership between Mon Health System and Intermed Labs exemplifies the power of collaboration in bringing life-changing technology to those in need,” said Dr. Tom McClellan, Co-Founder and CEO of Intermed Labs at Mon Health. “We are incredibly grateful to the Benedum Foundation for assisting us in making a real difference in the lives of West Virginians.”

To order, individuals take a photo with their smartphone and an AI scanner sizes the finger to generate a custom prosthetic. Over two years of development has led to Fingy3D’s Scan-To-Print system that allows Intermed Labs to manufacture and ship across the globe.

Fingy3D has already gained international recognition, winning the prestigious ECRI Health Devices Achievement Award and the ASPC Innovation Award for its revolutionary approach to prosthetic solutions.

“Intermed Labs at Mon Health is dedicated to advancing medical technology and improving lives through innovation. Our partnership is a testament to the shared commitment of fostering groundbreaking healthcare solutions for the people of our state and beyond,” said David Goldberg, President and CEO of Mon Health System and Executive Vice President of Vandalia Health. “We are creating technology, devices, and clinical solutions to help improve patient outcomes, economic benefit, and educational opportunities for area college students while advancing the collective expertise happening in West Virginia.”

To learn more about the Fingy3D, visit Fingy3D.com. To learn more about Intermed Labs at Mon Health, visit IntermedLabs.com.
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