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Intermed Labs at Mon Health Launches Innovative Fingy3D.com to Improve Prosthetic Access and Cost for Finger Amputees

Posted Date: 6/15/2021

Morgantown-based MedTech studio, Intermed Labs at Mon Health, is proud to announce the launch of Fingy3D.com, a revolutionary new web application that will improve patient access to finger prosthetics following amputation. 

Fingy3D.com was released in Beta Mode in mid-May from Intermed Labs at Mon Health. Fingy3D is a web application that allows users with distal finger amputations to take a photo of their missing fingertip and then receive a functional prosthetic in the mail in under a week. The Fingy can be 3D printed in several colors and materials which the buyer can select after uploading their photo to the site. 

"The back-end programming and software manipulation of the Fingy design is actually quite complex but has a simple user interface," said Lead Designer of Fingy3D, Ephraim Pittore. 

Although the initial Fingy only addresses distal finger amputations, the team already has a solution in the works for more complex amputations. 

"There is an incredible opportunity for Fingy3D.com to disrupt the industry and bring affordable finger prosthetics to those patients in need," explained Dr. Tom Mclellan, cofounder of Intermed Labs at Mon Health. "Providing an affordable and easily resourced option for patients, that was designed here in Morgantown, is exciting." 

According to David Goldberg, President & CEO of Mon Health System, Entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas to advance the future of healthcare have a space at Mon Health and a world-class team to build, prototype, and grow those ideas from across our country, right here close to home." 
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