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Revolutionary Finger Prosthetic Awarded $100,000 to Benefit West Virginians | Fingy3D from Intermed Labs at Mon Health

Posted Date: 9/7/2023
Fingy3D was recently awarded a $100,000 grant from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation to support its efforts in providing 100 West Virginians with free finger prosthetics using artificial intelligence.

Intermed Labs at Mon Health launched Fingy3D, a custom, functional 3D printed finger prosthetic that can be ordered on demand at Fingy3D.com. The revolutionary product aims to improve access, cost, and function for patients who have experienced a finger or partial hand loss.

“Physical proximity and affordability represent two of the biggest challenges in healthcare today, and Fingy3D serves patients by addressing both of these,” said Drew Lytton, COO of Intermed Labs. “Without ever leaving their home, patients can now receive a high quality, custom-fitting prosthetic at a fraction of the cost compared to the status quo."

It is estimated that nearly 45,000 finger amputations are performed in the United Staes per year. Fingy3D was produced to provide a solution to patients in need.

Fingy3D was released in Beta Mode in May of 2021 from Intermed Labs at Mon Health. Fingy3D is a web application that allows users with distal finger amputations to take a photo of their missing fingertip and then receive a functional prosthetic in the mail in under a week. The Fingy can be 3D printed in several colors and materials which the buyer can select after uploading their photo to the site. 

Shortly after Fingy3D launched, it was quickly determined that serving patients with multi-finger amputations, including thumb amputations, was necessary. Using AI-based technology with advanced computer vision, Fingy3D allows patients to receive finger prosthetics covering multiple amputations.

“Fingy3D has become the go-to solution for patients who either couldn’t afford prosthetics or have no time to travel to specialized centers,” said Dr. Tom McClellan, CEO of Intermed Labs and plastic surgeon at Mon Health Medical Center. “I’m so proud that this is designed and made here in West Virginia and able to serve patients worldwide.”

Fingy3D was recently chosen in the top 50 early and mid-stage startups to present in the MedTech Innovator Showcase, held by the largest medical device accelerator in the world, to highlight this world-class device made in the mountain state.

To be one of the first West Virginians to receive your free Fingy3D prosthetic, visit Fingy3D.com.

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