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Preston Memorial Recognizes 2018 Department of the Year: Enterprise Information Management

Posted Date: 7/8/2019
department of the year award

Enterprise Information Management at Preston Memorial is comprised of two departments: Health Information Management and Clinical Information Technology. It comes as no surprise that these departments were chosen to be recognized, as the managers and employees have worked hard to make improvements and work collectively after being merged together at the start of 2018.

These departments play a crucial role in the success of Preston Memorial Hospital. Clinical Information Technology is responsible for the processing of all forms that are related to patients and their information. At PMH, the department is comprised of two full-time employees, who are responsible for inputting information into the CPSI system, troubleshooting any errors and training new employees on the CPSI system.

The Health Information Management department is responsible for all record keeping upon patient discharge which includes reviewing records for completion and accuracy, preparing charts for audits, working with coders and the release of patient information. HIM has led the way in ensuring HIPPA policies and releases are efficient, while driving Preston Memorial providers and clinicians to complete medical records in the most-timely manner.

Preston Memorial currently employs seven individuals in the HIM department including two off-site transcriptionists, a part-time clerk, three full-time clerks and manager Tina Wood, who has worked in HIM for more than forty years.

Enterprise Information Management is very deserving of the Department of the Year award. “Each employee in this department is very patient and customer oriented,” Tina Wood said. “They will do whatever necessary to help and even though they are not hands on, they are very professional and empathetic with whomever they are talking to. They go above and beyond and are very detail oriented. The quality of their work is spectacular.”

A major accomplishment of the department has been the participation in a new Accountable Care Organization, which required collaboration with case management and population health nurses. Through their dedication to success, PMH is the absolute leader in its ACO.

To honor their accomplishments, Enterprise Information Management was recognized at the 2019 Preston Memorial Hospital Employee and Volunteer Banquet and the 2019 Preston Memorial Hospital Foundation Gala.

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