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Farmington Resident Finds Treatment She Needs with Mon Health Wound Care

Posted Date: 7/12/2021
Beth Alasky

Beth Alasky

Beth Alasky has struggled with venous stasis ulcers in her legs for the past eight years. When she began experiencing another stint of excruciating pain, she decided to trust the team at Mon Health Wound Care in Morgantown, WV.

Venous stasis ulcers are open skin sores that are caused by problems with blood flow in the leg veins, most commonly around the ankles. Last year, Beth began noticing the symptoms of venous stasis ulcers in her legs worsening.

“I sensed that my legs were starting to get bad again. My primary care physician put me in the hospital,” Beth said. “My doctor, Dino Delaportas, was seeing patients at Mon Health, so I decided to go there to see what they could do for me.”

Dr. Delaportas, an infectious disease and wound care specialist at Mon Health, is Board-Certified by the American Board of Infectious Diseases and specializes in treating infections and managing chronic and difficult infected wounds. 

“He wanted me to fight the infection and told me if I had not come in that day, I would have lost my legs,” she said. “I’ll never forget that.”

Beth remained in the hospital for several days while receiving antibiotics and treatments to her legs. When Beth received care for a previous wound at another facility, she was administered antibiotics from 21 different IV bags. With the infectious disease specialists at Mon Health, she only needed two.

“The vein experts at Mon Health did a fantastic job. They checked in on me every minute of every day, they came in and took care of me when I needed it,” she recalled. “It was tremendous, and I thank God for all of them because I wouldn’t be walking right now if it weren’t for their care.”

Mon Health Wound Care has provided care to Beth on her road to recovery, including administering medications, wrapping and treating the wound, and recommending future treatment as her wounds heal. 

“Since the first day I got out of the hospital, my legs have looked ten times better than they have before. I have come such a long way,” said Beth. “They found the best treatment for me to get it fixed quickly.”

Because there is no cure for venous stasis ulcers, Beth will continue her wound care management with the Mon Health Wound Care Team. 

“I feel so much better now, it’s remarkable. I can get around better than I used to. Sure, I have my good days and my bad days, but it’s nothing like it used to be,” said Beth.

Beth was born and raised in Farmington, WV. She and her siblings help run their family business, Alasky’s Furniture & Appliance, that their father established in 1954. She also spends time caring for her 93-year-old mother. Beth has several hobbies including singing, art, music, playing sports, practicing her catholic faith, and most of all, helping others and lifting their spirits. 

“The nurses, staff, and doctors are top notch; they have truly blessed me. It takes a special person to do what they do, and they all deserve so much respect. I thank the Lord for them every day. They are my angels.”

Mon Health Wound Care is in Weston, Morgantown, and Kingwood. To learn more about Mon Health Wound Care and the services they offer, visit MonHealth.com/WoundCare. 
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