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Residents at The Suites at Heritage Point Share Best in Class Experiences with Assisted Living

Posted Date: 6/17/2024
Transitioning from familiarity to life somewhere new can come with challenges, however, The Suites at Heritage Point ensures the best for its residents taking the step to move into the luxury assisted living facility. 

Dorothy Pavel moved from her home in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania and began her life at The Suites in October 2023. Pavel was ill and needed to move somewhere that she’d be taken care of and have a smooth transition. Her children searched many different facilities, but were captivated by the friendless, charm, and endless activities of The Suites, so they decided to take the leap of faith and move in their mother.

“It’s certainly hard to get used to not going back home, which only those who’ve gone through it can understand,” said Pavel. “However, I have loved my time at The Suites! I not only have my needs met, but everyone here has gone above and beyond to ensure that I am doing my best. I was able to bring in my own furniture and I have lovely people that come in to do all my housekeeping and laundry. I even have someone who makes my bed each day, which is certainly a luxury that I enjoy.”

Pavel has regained her health since moving into The Suites and has since taken advantage of its many activities and amenities, such as the library and social hours. She often has friends from out of town come to visit and they all make the most of the local shops and attractions together.

“I can’t say enough great things about The Suites, especially the community and staff,” said Pavel. “I get along well with the staff. We like to joke and have fun, but they also take care of me and communicate well with me and my children. The Suites is a good place for me to be.”

Richard McClure moved into The Suites with his wife in November 2019 to be in a comfortable place close to some of their children and grandchildren, as well as the local medical facilities. McClure’s wife passed away in August 2021, but he says that they each have had a nice experience at The Suites.

“The help we’ve received here is fantastic. You let anyone know what you need, and they come through for you,” said McClure. “I have three meals a day, selected from a nice menu. People also come in to take my laundry and clean my room, and they all do it with a smile. That’s the thing that counts.”

McClure says there’s no shortage of activities or resources available at The Suites. He likes to take walks around the grounds and takes advantage of personalized physical therapy sessions.

“I would recommend to anyone interested to come to The Suites, take a tour, and see for themselves what their life could look like,” said McClure. “Giving up your home is not an easy decision, but there comes a time that you’ve gone as long as you can in managing on your own and that’s when you should make the decision to come to The Suites. You will get taken care of here, you’ll always have something to do, and the community and staff are fantastic. I certainly know I am cared for.”

To learn more about all of the assisted living amenities that The Suites have to offer, or to schedule a tour, visit Heritage-Point.com.
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