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Our Clinical Laboratory offers diagnostic test results to aid healthcare providers in the diagnosis and treatment of your illness. The laboratory provides services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  We use advanced analytical testing equipment incorporating new technologies.  Patients can receive the same level of care without leaving Taylor County by choosing to have their lab work done at GCH. The laboratory staff at GCH will fax or mail results to providers who are not on GCH’s medical staff.  Our testing menu is consistent with those of much larger laboratories, which allows Grafton City Hospital to provide you with the same high quality care, often at a lower cost.

Transfusion service is available to provide life-saving red blood cells. We work in conjunction with the American Red Cross & Vitalant to provide you with the safest blood products available. All blood units are tested for transmitted diseases by the American Red Cross or Vitalant, in accordance with strict FDA and American Association for Blood Banks (AABB) Regulations. The units are further tested to determine their compatibility for specific patients at GCH.

Our services include:

  • Microbiology — The study of organisms that are too small to be seen with the naked eye, such as bacteria, viruses and yeasts.
  • Hematology — The study of blood cells and blood forming tissue. Change in blood smears can lead to the detection of some cancers.
  • Chemistry — The study of chemical compounds vary at different levels depending on the normal or abnormal function of that part of the body. These tests help to determine the early onset of heart attacks, diabetes, liver problems, and many others.
  • Coagulation — The process of clot formation.
  • Urinalysis — A helpful (and noninvasive) test which involves the chemical and microscopic analysis of urine for diagnostic purposes. Urinalysis can assist the physician in the diagnosis of infections, diabetes, dehydration, nephritis, kidney stones, jaundice and many other conditions.

We offer our laboratory services to a large client base, including: clinics, nursing homes, personal care homes, GCH patients, and many others.


We’ve worked together to manage COVID-19. Now, together, we need to get back to work keeping you healthy. Grafton City Hospital offers Patient Direct Labs that are Taylor’ed for You. No Physician order needed. No need to wait for the Health Fair. Order form can be filled out at the time of registration at Patient Access or in advance by visiting www.graftonhospital.com.

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The laboratory holds a CLIA Certificate of Accreditation for high and moderate complexity testing. Our staff is licensed by the WV Dept of Health & Human Resources, WV Office of Laboratory Service (CLIA) and consists of Medical Laboratory Scientists, Medical Laboratory Technicians, Point of Care Technicians, and Laboratory Assistants.
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