PMH Orthopedic Surgery Department Performs First Total Joint Replacement Procedure

Posted Date: 2/21/2019

Preston Memorial Hospital introduced its Orthopedic Surgery services in July of 2018. In less than a year of operation, the PMH Orthopedic Surgery department has become a great asset to the community through the treatment of sports injuries, fractures, trauma and more. In January, the Orthopedic Surgery team launched the total joint replacement component of the program.


PMH Orthopedic Surgeon, Dan Milam, outlined the benefits of offering total joint replacements to local patients. “First of all, patients will receive quality care close to home without having to travel for surgery, post-operative physical therapy and follow up appointments,” Milam said. “Second of all, they will receive quality surgical and medical care with a more personal ‘hometown’ feel.”  


The first total joint candidate, Beverly Conley, could have gone elsewhere for her procedure, but chose to have her hip replacement close to home at Preston Memorial.


“I had to find a hospital that I was comfortable with and an orthopedist I believed in,” Conley said. “I knew PMH would be starting an orthopedic program soon, so I waited to have my surgery at my hometown hospital.”


Conley explained that she chose the facility that would suit her best. “I wanted a physician who would listen to my story, truly care about me and understand that I needed to get back to normal,” Conley said.


“Therefore, I chose PMH because my surgery would be local, I could remain in the hospital for three to four days and if I needed extra physical therapy, I could stay at Preston Memorial in swing bed for additional rehabilitation. All done at one location,” Conley added.


“I chose PMH for all the important reasons, great physicians, caregivers, physical therapy and rehabilitation and the love and care I know I will receive when I go in,” Conley concluded.


During the first Orthopedic Surgery appointment patients will discuss their pain and needs with one of the three Orthopedic Surgeons at PMH. After the initial appointment, the patient and physician will create a unique treatment plan.


“We have been working diligently behind the scenes for the past several months to get things streamlined for our total joint patients,” Milam said. “Offering major reconstructive procedures such as joint replacements in Kingwood should be a tremendous benefit to our patient population largely because we can offer everything they need from start to finish.”


Each total joint candidate is required to attend an education session prior to his or her surgery to ensure patient safety. The education sessions cover a range of topics including pre and post procedure instructions, expectations for the recovery process and physical therapy rehabilitation. For more information contact the Orthopedic Surgery department in the Preston Memorial Physician Center at 304.329.4701 or visit

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