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Payments and Financial Considerations

Payment Options

Morgantown Location

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Phone: 304-285-2700
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Online Bill Pay

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Fairmont Location
51 Middletown Road, Suite 201
White Hall, WV 26554
Phone: 304-367-8130
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Online Bill Pay

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Invoices and Payment

Your invoices will include charges for home medical products provided to you by our company.  We will assist to obtain the benefits to which you are entitled under your insurance policies.   However, it is your responsibility to pay your bills, or to see that they are paid.  We typically do not bill you until we have collected from your insurer(s) first, when this is applicable. So, when you do receive an invoice from us, please remit payment promptly.  

In August 2014, our billing system changed.  Letters were sent to private pay patients in July 2014 to explain this change and why you may receive an invoice for supplies or services purchased from us on the old system and from the new system for a short period of time.  (See a PDF copy of those letters).  

What does this mean for you?

  • You may receive several invoices from us, depending on the timing of your purchase.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but it should be a short-term occurrence as we transition between these systems.
  • It’s  important to you if you use our secure online payment system.  Each of the billing systems has its own payment and history website.  So, you need to match your invoice to the payment link.  See that section at the bottom of the page for more information.

We encourage you to pay your invoices online with our Pay a Bill, secure online payment system.  The secure links for that are in the boxes at the bottom of this page.  


Be sure that we are kept up to date about your insurance information.  We do accept many insurance plans.  However, if you change, terminate, or add insurance coverage, be sure to let us know right away.  Every insurer has unique coverage rules and claims filing limits.  

If you have any questions concerning insurance or payment issues, a Customer Accounts Representative is available to discuss our payment policies and the options available.

Insurance Verification/Prior Authorization

It is important that you be familiar with your insurance plan to avoid any unexpected expenses.  Many insurers require prior authorization before products can be provided to you, and prior authorization requests typically require that our company first obtain detailed medical necessity information from your physician.  

This process can take time.  We will work hard to expedite these processes and reduce your wait time.  We are happy to share the status of in-process prior authorization requests with you.  Feel free to call our office if you have questions or concerns.

Online Bill Pay

You may now pay your bill online with your credit card, and register to see a history of your payments and purchases!

The first step is to set up a bill-pay account.  Once you open the link, you'll see a Register link in the top-right area of the page.  

If you already have an account set up, login and proceed with your payment.

In August 2014, our billing system changed. So, for a time, patients may receive an invoice from the old system (invoice number starts with a letter) or from the new system (invoice number starts with a number), depending on whether the service or supply was purchased through the former system or the new one.

Because of that change, there are also two different online bill payment processes and options listed below, depending on which system has your invoice. You’ll see that the payment selections are based on the first digit in the invoice number: it either starts with a letter or a number. It’s that simple – just look at your invoice, find the invoice number, and select the bill pay link that matches it.

Where is the invoice number on your bill?  For regular invoices, it will be in the bottom left corner of your invoice.  For past-due reminders, look on your payment (remittance) stub for the invoice numbers.  

One more thing, each of these payment systems has its own registration system, too.  So, even though you may have a userid and password for our old system, you will need to Register for the new system. 
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