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Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

You have the RIGHT to:


1. Be treated with dignity, courtesy, and respect regardless of veteran status, sexual orientation, race, religion, politics, sex, social status, age, handicap, or ability to pay (as long as funds are available to support care/services).

2. Make informed decisions regarding care/services including, when possible, participate in decisions in the development and revision of the Plan of Care and formulation of advance directives, in accordance with applicable law.

3. Receive information necessary to make decisions in a language or form that you can understand.

4. Be informed about aspects of your condition related to care/service provided; to receive the names and qualifications of staff performing service; and to understand the risks and benefits of the equipment to be used during your care.

5. Be informed of MHC/FHM’s policies regarding the withholding of resuscitative services and the withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment. However, you have the right to receive care from Mon HealthCare/Fairmont Home Medical without regard to whether or not any advance directive has been executed. Be informed of your payment responsibilities and of MHC/FHM’s policy concerning payment for services, including, to the extent possible, expected insurance coverage and other methods for payment.

6.Be informed about the ownership or control of MHC/FHM and information regarding the organization’s liability insurance upon request. Be informed of MHC/FHM’s mechanism for receiving, reviewing, and resolving patient complaints by providing contact information and numbers upon request.

7. Be informed of your right to express grievances, and to recommend changes in policies and services without coercion, discrimination, reprisal, or unreasonable interruption of services. Resolution of grievances will be documented.

8. Be informed of your right to refuse all or part of your care, and to be informed of the consequences of such refusal.

9. Be informed of your right to not receive experimental treatment or participate in research or educational training, unless you give documented, voluntary, informed consent.

10. Be informed of your right, when referred to another organization, service or individual, to know of any financial benefits to MHC/FHM.

11. Be informed of your right to participate in the consideration of ethical issues arising in the course of care/service.

12. Expect that all information concerning your care/service is kept in confidence and your privacy is at all times respected. MHC/FHM adheres to privacy practices and information is available to you about these practices.

13. Expect that MHC/FHM staff at all times respects your property and discusses your wishes regarding property with you, when appropriate.

14. Be notified in advance of treatment options, transfers, and when or why care will be discontinued.

15. You have the right to be referred to another organization for care if MHC/FHM cannot meet your needs or if you are not satisfied with the care provided. Alternative levels of care, or referral to other organizations for care, will be determined with your participation.

16. Receive care/services consistently and in a timely manner, in accordance with MHC/FHM’s operational policies.

17. Receive education, instructions and requirements for continuing care when services are discontinued.

18. Be advised of the availability and purpose of State, Medicare and CHAP Hotline numbers.

19. The Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) Hotline number is 800.656.9656.

20. Be advised of services/products and equipment available directly or by contract.

21. Be free from any mental, physical abuse, neglect or exploitation of any kind from MHC/FHM staff.  

You are RESPONSIBLE for:

1. Notifying MHC/FHM if you are not available for scheduled services/visits.

2. Notifying MHC/FHM if additional equipment and /or supplies will be needed.

3. Participating in the Plan of Care, when applicable.

4. Notifying MHC/FHM of any temporary or permanent change of address, change in condition, change of doctor, or change of insurance.

5. Keeping rental equipment in good condition, and notifying MHC/FHM if equipment appears to need repair or maintenance.

6. Notifying MHC/FHM when service or equipment is no longer needed.

7. Paying for any services/equipment not covered by insurance.

8. Using equipment in accordance to the written instructions provided upon delivery.  
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