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Forward Together

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We’ve worked together to manage COVID-19. Now, together, we need to get back to work keeping you healthy. Mon Health hospitals are ready with strong safety protocols. Our clinics are ready. Our doctors and nurses are ready. Learn more here.

For a medical emergency, our emergency departments are ready, safe and cleaned to the highest standards to mitigate the spread of germs and infection. Don’t put your health at risk by putting off your visit to the doctor or delaying a needed medical procedure.

There’s a reason why Mon Health is the most-trusted healthcare provider in our community. We have a 75-year history of consistent, high-quality care with best-in-the-nation outcomes.

COVID-19 won't change that.

We know how to mitigate your risk, and we will only proceed with best-in-class care using methods and approaches that are evidence-based and CDC-recommended. For your safety and the safety of our care team, patients must wear a surgical mask at all times in a Mon Health facility. If electing to wear an N95 Respirator with Exhalation Valve, patients will be required to wear a surgical mask over the N95. Learn more here.  

Mon Health is restoring urgent elective medical services in the following areas, with more to come:

  • Mon Health Medical Center

    Center for Outpatient Surgery 304-413-2200
    Dermatology 304-599-1448
    Gastroenterology/Digestive Care 304-598-2700
    General Surgery - MHMC 304-598-1446
    Gynecologic Oncology 304-285-3870
    Gynecology - Hopwood, PA 724-437-2147
    Heart & Vascular - Elkins 304-598-5006
    Heart & Vascular - Fairmont 304-363-6210
    Heart & Vascular - McHenry 304-363-6210
    Heart & Vascular MHMC - Cardiac Imaging, Stress Test and Interventions 304-285-6713
    Heart and Vascular Clinic MHMC – Cardiology 304-599-8802
    Heart and Vascular Clinic MHMC - Cardiothoracic and Vascular 304-598-1996
    Infectious Disease 304-285-1460
    Infusion Center 304-285-2902
    Laboratory Services - Medical Park 304-598-7730
    Laboratory Services - MHMC 304-598-1260
    Mammography 304-598-2700
    Medical Oncology 304-598-6560
    Mon Health Wedgewood Primary Care & Psychiatry - Cheat Lake 304-241-7150
    Mon Health Wedgewood Primary Care & Psychiatry - Gateway 304-292-7316
    Mon Health Wedgewood Primary Care & Psychiatry - Medical Park 304-599-9400
    Neurology 304-594-3258
    OBGYN 304- 599-6811
    Oculofacial Surgery 304-598-2200
    Primary Care - Core 304-598-7313
    Primary Care - Fairmont 304-598-7313
    Primary Care - Medical Park 304-598-7313
    Pulmonary Care 304-598-2801
    Radiation Oncology 304-285-2220
    Radiology 304-285-2250
    Rheumatology 304-598-7296
    Surgical Care - Medical Center 304-599-1448
    Surgical Care - Suncrest Town Center 304-598-2200
    Urology 304-599-3074
    Wound Center 304-285-1460

    Mon Health Preston Memorial Hospital

    Cardiopulmonary Services 304-329-4713
    General Surgery 304-329-4701
    Heart and Vascular 304-329-4701
    Laboratory Services - PMH 304-329-4712
    Laboratory Services - Urgent Care 304-980-2006
    Physical Therapy - Bruceton Mills 304-379-7678
    Physical Therapy - PMH 304-329-3908
    PMH Physician Center - Cardiology, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), General Surgery, Gynecology, Infusion Therapy, Neurology, Occupational Health, Orthopedics, Primary Care, Pulmonology, Urology, Wound Healing Center 304-329-4701
    Primary Care - Fellowsville 304-265-6963
    Radiology 304-329-4713
    Sleep Center 304-864-2290
    Urgent Care - Reedsville (modified hrs are 11-7 daily) 304-980-2006
  • Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital

    Ear, Nose and Throat 304-517-1401
    General Surgery 304-517-1115
    Heart & Vascular 304-269-6004
    Laboratory Services 304-269-8065
    Lively Healthcare Center - Jane Lew 304-884-8941
    OBGYN 304-269-3108
    Orthopedics 304-269-4431
    Physical Therapy 304-269-8097
    Radiology 304-269-8075
    Stonewall Medical Clinic 304-269-6620
    Urology 304-269-8128
    Weston Family Medical Care 304-269-3929
    Weston Pulmonary & Medical Clinic 304-269-4252

    Grafton City Hospital

    Direct Access Lab 304-265-0400 X 7110
    Grafton Recovery Center 304-265-7180
    Heart & Vascular 304-265-0400
    Inpatient Services 304-265-0400 X 7330
    Laboratory Services 304-265-0400 x 7110
    Physical Therapy Inpatient 304-265-0400 x 7020
    Physical Therapy Outpatient 304-265-2191
    Radiology 304- 265-7170
    Sleep Center 304-265-7250
    Social Services 304-265-0400 x 7360
    Specialty Clinics 304-265-0400
    Stress Tests 304- 265-7341
    Tygart Valley Total Care Clinic 304-265-0400
    West Taylor TVTCC Office 304-739-4867
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Keeping Our Community Safe & Healthy

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