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Personal Appearance/Tobacco Use


Mon Health System is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals providing personalized care and service with compassion and respect.  Expectations for service include being perceived and remembered as a positive experience in a clean, appealing and professional environment.  Each employee’s personal appearance is a contributor to this perception in the community and an important aspect of overall effectiveness at Monongalia Health System.   As such, all employees are expected to keep themselves neat, clean, well groomed and professionally dressed when fulfilling job responsibilities.

At Mon Health System, the Personal Appearance Standards Policy details dress code requirements for employees based on their job role.  Specific areas from that policy are highlighted here.  For more information regarding dress code requirements, please contact the Human Resources department at (304) 598-1485. 


Clothing worn by employees is neat, clean, pressed, in good repair and respectful of sterile environment requirements.  Clothing must be sized appropriately to avoid inappropriate exposure during normal work activities.  Clothing should not be transparent or contain writing or symbols other than approved monograms.   Clothing may not be an advertisement or be vulgar or offensive in nature. While on duty, the following attire is not considered part of the Monongalia Health System look and will not be permitted: jeans, sweatshirts, casual hoodies, casual tank tops, revealing clothing, skorts, shorts, cargo pants, leggings, stirrup pants and bib overalls.


Body piercings, ear gauges and tattoos are highly discouraged.  The only permitted visible piercing area is the ear lobe.  Body piercings should be removed or covered at all times. If present, ear gauges may not exceed ½ inch in size and must be plain metal (gold, silver, black).  Tattoos must also be covered.  Appropriate coverings include clothing, hairstyle, or other approved accessories unless they interfere with sterile environment requirements.


Any Mon General Hospital department that has direct clinical contact with a patient is to be considered a uniformed area and should comply with that department’s solid color uniform.    

  • White and/or Burgundy - Nursing (RNs and LPNs except those required to wear hospital issued scrubs)
  • Royal Blue CA / ACC / Monitor Tech
  • Navy Blue MDC / Environmental Services
  • Hunter Green and/or Khaki Lab, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Radiology, Respiratory Therapy, Transport
  • Pewter Gray – Non-hospital based Physician Offices (employees with direct patient contact) and hospital based office Medical Assistants


All Mon Health System facilities are tobacco free.  In an effort to provide a more healthy and satisfying environment for our staff, patients, physicians and visitors, smoking or use of tobacco products are not permitted within the hospital or on hospital grounds or on any Mon Health System facility.

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