Appalachian Revival

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    Thank you for stopping by to learn more about the 2022 Ball of the Year! Our theme is about celebrating the community that surrounds us: the people we love, the people with whom we work, the people we serve and those who serve us. Our theme reveals our resiliency in the face of hardship and embraces the good around us. It's about reflecting on the beauty of our region, the bountiful land, and the immense talent that resides here. We are woven into a unique tapestry fortified by the spirit of family and connection. We proudly honor this by supporting the Mon Health Progressing Through Postpartum Program (P3) as they come alongside mothers and families in our community. 

    Together we will explore the best of local flavors, art, and music as we enjoy the luxury of an exclusively tailored dining experience. We look forward to welcoming you to this one of a kind event celebrating our culture and compassion for one another.

    With much love and anticipation,
    Sarah McBride
    2022 Ball of the Year Chair